TRANSCRIPT of Leaked Patreon Video: Onision Response to Incident at YT HQ HIGHLIGHTS



“I’m amazed that they didn’t have more security than they already did. I’m amazed that YouTube would so thoughtlessly take people’s jobs away, and that’s what they did.”

-Mentions their previous struggle with suicide prior to finding YouTube-

“Let’s say you know I hear a lucky person like me and you’re making $80,000 or you’re making $40,000 a month or whatever and that drops down to $4,000 or $8,000 a month so you don ‘t want to kill yourself necessarily because you can still maybe possibly survive depending on what your debt is, whether or not you’re good with the government, whether or not you’re good with your mortgage, etc, but for people who are only making let’s say $8,000 a month back when things were good, now they’re making $800 a month okay and you can’t survive on that. Most people cannot survive on that.”

“You have your whole life stripped away from you, so you know, what do you do?”

“Let’s be blunt. These assholes, who just graduated college or whatever who don’t know shit about the YouTube community get hired by YouTube and then they’re making decisions as to what happens with your future.”

“You have to say this regularly in these types of videos: what happened was terrible, nobody deserved to get shot. It was an awful, awful thing. But as I was saying, these people who don’t understand the YouTube community, they made decisions for the YouTube community that were toxic and they remain toxic to this day.”

“If your video is classified as mature, they’re not going to promote it to anybody except for a certain very very small audience and they’re probably not even promoting it very hard to those people.”

-Greg mentions how people’s youtube careers are their children and how YouTube raped that away-

“People are looking at this and they’re fucking losing their minds, okay, obviously some more than others.”

“This is what happens when people get fired.”

“YouTube essentially fired thousands of people at once. Statistically, going postal is uncommon okay it’s very uncommon. Statistically showing up to work and killing your fellow/former employees and your boss etc, it’s uncommon, okay, but when you fire thousands of people at once, which is quite literally what YouTube did, they fired thousands of contractors at once, to not expect one of them to show up with a gun? Bonkers.”

“You are destroying lives when you shift the YouTube algorithm, okay. When you change things so people can no longer be profitable, people who are probably walking corpses anyway, they would have killed themselves without YouTube, that kind of thing, it just seems kind of, you know, stupid to not assume.”

“It is so fucking idiotic to shoot up the place, it really is. You gotta ask yourself: what’s the fucking point? First of all, you’re not even going to be able to shoot the people that you want to shoot, the people that were actually responsible for whatever, you know? There’s going to be another asshole to replace them and you know you’re fucking doomed. You threw your whole life away. You were your own worst enemy in that situation. … You did something way worse…”

“An eye for an eye, it goes back and forth until somebody’s fucking dead.”

“I’ve looked at these shootings for the longest time as if they’re just something stupid. Maybe, possibly, hypothetically let’s say there was like some rally where a bunch of people got together that you knew you hated all those fuckers, you hated all of them, you knew they were all evil. They were all Hitler, a rally of Hitler’s. Maybe then, I’d be like, well, you killed people you’re a bad person, you’re a murderer, but at least no innocent people were harmed. That’s never gonna happen. There’s never going to be a ‘I got everybody who fucked me over, back.’”

“Bottom line is: school shooters, YouTube shooters, etc. They’re fucking morons, they really are. This is not how you deal with your problems. You can deal with them by talking about them. I do it all the time.”

“I’m talking to a dead chick, how brave am I?”

“I’m glad this is exclusive to patrons because fuck everybody else. Not subscribers, I love that I have fans in general. I understand they can’t afford patreon but besides them, fuck everyone else. They don’t need to hear my voice. They don’t care about my voice, you guys do and that’s great.”

“It’s so much more manageable than the millions of subscribers who I care about, DAMN IT!(said with a regretful tone, not an affirmative tone)”