TRANSCRIPT of Leaked Patreon Video: Onision is upset over Shiloh contacting an attorney to have him remove all videos with her in it. He calls her attorney and records the convo without his knowledge.


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From “The Call”

Hi there, yeah, hi it’s me. How you doin’? Hah. So, I gotta talk about the elephant in the room, the elephant you don’t know is in the room, but I wanna talk about that elephant. You guys know I like sharing my personal life with you. I LOVE SHARING ITS SO FUN! It’s kind of like I gossip but I dont really like gossiping about other people, I moreso enjoy gossiping about myself. So with that being said. I wanna talk about something that happened recently.

First of all, my spouse manages my business emails. Laineybot [GROAN]. So after six years or uh, seven years… six sev six sev… seven years. I had somebody record videos with me a long time ago, over six years ago. And they’re obviously enjoying being in the video, I mean they volunteered to be in the videos. And you know down the line that person and I, because we were dating and stuff, well I decided to end things with them and they went home to Canada. And then I decided to get back with them, for like the ninetieth[?] time and they were taking money from me so they could survive in Canada for a while, and they picked that money up that I sent to them on a regular basis with their “guy friend”. But later on, one of my fans informed me that that “guy friend” who they were regularly picking up money in the car of at the money tree or whatevers in Canada. That person had actually gotten them pregnant while they were dating me and taking money from me.

I, of course, fell apart and walked 6 miles to Dennys. And in that Dennys, I uh, there’s nothing really that happened at Dennys I just fell apart more. I walked home, six miles or whatever, and eventually a person named Taylor my spouse put me back together. So I used to work with somebody in videos a long time ago and then they got pregnant with someone elses baby and recently I’ve been uploading those videos that I did with that person so long ago because even though they did that to me, even though they took my money and we were dating and then they got pregnant with someones baby. Like even though there’s all that really like not-so-great feeling there, I still enjoy the art. You know, the work we did together. It’s very… nice. It’s wonderful really. That person was really very funny and I can see that, despite… having gone through those things with them.

But I got an email, or Lainey got an email, because Lainey manages the business. And I can’t show it to you, because the last time I showed you guys and email, I got in a lot of trouble on youtube. I don’t know why I got in trouble, but I did. So I can’t like, show screencaps anymore I just have to like, repeat them. Oh! But I will post this to the corteria[?] on which only like six people have access too. It’s a hidden forum within the forum. It’s pretty cool. But I will post this screenshot there.

Anyway, it says: “To whom it may concern, you are being advised that any and all material containing imagery, sound or likeness of that persons name is to be immediately removed from any public sites.” NO. The answer is NO. Okay. You can’t do that. When somebody volunteers to be in a video you can’t just say “you know what, I revoke it” NO. The agreement was you are giving me property. It is mine now. There was never any talk of anything outside that. Just because it is years later and you no longer feel like “oh I love these things” you still did them, and you still volunteered yourself to be in those videos. To revoke the right for me distributing content that I made, with you as a volunteer, that is totally bonkers. If that person from over six years ago, wants to go and try take everything that’s mine just because it slightly involves them, uh well, then I say you give me back the thousands of dollars that you took from me. You give me back the money I sent you when you were with that other guy, uh, you give me back all the money I spent on plane tickets for you, you give me back all the money I spent on outfits and food and housing et cetera. I think we’re about… $50,000 by now? You give me back all that, and yes I will take them down.

But here’s the thing. I am not even really making any money off of most those videos. Reality check. And I am keeping those comedy sketches up because they’re awesome and I love those comedy sketches. And I’m not going to just throw away all that wonderful stuff, because somebody who got pregnant with another persons baby while dating me, no longer enjoys the sketches as much as I do. Anyway, they say “You have not been given any rights to publish these.” Yes. I was. They were in them! They were literally… UGH. Ok guys, so when you voluntarily collaborate with someone, when you play out characters in a video. Like lets say I got in a banana costume and I was featured in a DanIsNotOnFire video, or I was in a uh smosh video or I was in any of your favourite youtuber video ok? If I was in like a banana costume dancing around in the background, could you imagine just because I didnt like them anymore that I went and sent them a letter saying “you must remove all this immediately!” It just.. to me… it seems…. there’s not better word than bonkerschnitzel. Tha-thats literally… its beyond bonkers. It’s bonkerschnitzel to just – because you feel like it. To pretend you were never ever totally cool with being in a video and totally gave permission does not like “I JUST FILMED SOMEONE SLEEPING” it’s not how it went. They say they expect to receive proof that everything is gone within five days, and it’s like dude, come on. Wha? This just makes me think why do I work with anyone ever? Why do I have anyone in my videos ever? If down the line they are just gonna cause an issue. I just want to make awesome funny videos, and if I can’t make an awesome funny video with someone without them worrying that later on they’ll be like “I dont want this video out there anymore” its like ugh you’re ruining everything!!

Anyway they say if I don’t comply with their demands it’s going to result in a cause of action. I dont know what that means. It says I should govern myself accordingly. Again, question mark. Anyway, its cute that they think they can just pretend permission was never given to something even though it is beyond obvious that permission was given for something. But in no rational world does this hold merit.

In fact I have my phone here, lets see if we can call call this guy

(G = Greg, M = Manager)

G: Hi I got an email that says I need to remove videos with an artist of yours.
M: Yeah
G: Yeah
M: Greg?
G: Yeah.
M: This is her manager. Uh, hi Greg.
G: Permission to use those videos is beyond obvious.
M: uh, what is it written? Can you send me a document where she signed off to agree to do that?
G: Are you saying I had a gun to her head?
M: No I’m not saying I had a gun to her head, I’m asking for the agreement. Can you send it to me? Then we’re good to go.
G: Yeah, well to prove in any court that someone was unwillingly participating in a video I would be amazed to see that happen.
M: Yeah well if you give me your address we can get to court if that’s required. I’m asking you, one professional to another, uh, these videos are six years old to remove those videos completely from your site and to have some human decency to get that –
G: You realise these are comedy sketches right? And when you volunteer to be in a comedy video sketch and its beyond obvious that someone is willingly volunteering in the sketch does that seem, uh, wait Ok lets be real and honest real quick ok? It’s obvious she’s voluntarily in the videos. It’s obvious. Like there’s no situation in which you say “oh that person wasnt willingly in a video?” cause they are. It’s obvious!
M: Oh.. ok I’m not interested in a debate –
G: That’s because the debate doesnt work in your favor. it’s so obvious like do you understand that if somebody is doing something that they’re either willingly doing it or they’re not willingly doing it which means someone’s holding them at ransom or something.
M: okay well again –
G: You know you’re wrong is my point?
M: Whether I’m wrong or right is not relevant to this discussion
G: It’s totally important.
M: What I’m asking you to do is to simply take those videos down. If you wanna send me your information, if you want to escalate this, I am more than happy to escalate this to a court and lets see what they say.
G: Oh my god, so you know for a fact that this person is willingly in those videos, yet you’re gonna escalate this to a court because you’re so dishonest? it’s so obvious that somebody is in the videos willingly and you know this. Yet you’re gonna try and take legal action against somebody despite the fact you are so obviously wrong?
M: Greg, let me tell you something
G: Just be a real human, just be a real person dude. You know they were willingly in those videos.
M: So do me a favor and send me your contact information –
G: you’re trying to avoid the real conversation because you know you’re wrong
M: I’m not having this conversation because it’s not a conversation I want to have
G: because you’re wrong. you are so wrong. you know they are voluntarily in that video. why would they be in costume? why would they be in costume? why would they be in costume, acting, playing a character unless they were voluntarily in the video? And they were compensated! They were compensated!
M: if you’re going to do all the talking, this is going to be a one way conversation.
G: because your only response is “Send me your address” thats just creepy.
M: No, I’m not asking for your address, send me your attorneys address and I’m happy to escalate this if you want too.
G: why would I waste money proving on that someone was who was obviously in a video was obviously in a video voluntary?
M: then simply take the videos down they’re volunt-
G: WHY WOULD I DO THAT WHEN I OWN THESE? Ok I paid this actor through housing, through food etc
M: How much did you pay her, I’m sorry?
G: Housing, food, et cetera, plane tickets, everything.
M: Do you have a contract?
G: Do I have proof that the person was voluntarily in the video you fucking idiot?
M: No do you have a contract?
M: actually there was a gun in that video if i recall
G: OH MY GOD YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT ITS OBVIOUSLY A FAKE GUN. Are you actually saying you’re going to try and prove in court that they are actually held at gunpoint to do a video? You are so fucking stupid. You are a fraud. You are a fucking fraud.
M: Greg, if you continue to disparage me, this conversation is over.
G: you are not a real human. you’re not a real human. you can’t have a conversation
M: Right, and the only person who has been talking is you.
G: Actually you’ve been talking too Mr Technical.


Alright, so that guy is a jerk [LAUGH] I have to make that whole phone call private, only patrons are going to hear it, it might not even be on there for long … patron only thing? I cant believe this. I just [exhales air] This guy, I’m on the phone with this guy. and he’s literally saying this person wasn’t voluntarily in there if i dont have a contract with them when they’re obviously voluntarily in the video. they’re in costume, they’re acting out a character. Like this is the world we live in were someone who is obviously participating in something and someone is gonna be like “Well technically I’m taking this to court” ANYWAY. So I really really dont like that fella. In fact lets call him back.


Aww he didnt answer. Darn it, anyway. So, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. Should someone be able to revoke permission to be in a video because down the line they are no longer happy about the fact that they were in comedy sketches forever ago? Should people do that? Ugh I’m so frustrated. This is the differenc between honest, saying yeah, I volunteered to be in this video all that time ago so I can’t take away that rights or anything like that, and someone who is like in the most not honest way possible, lash out at this person from so many years ago by taking away something that isn’t even mine. I just can’t believe that question. Is it in writing? As to whether or not that person was voluntarily in that video. Because are you not human? Can you not see with your eyes that that person is literally in costume, in character right there totally willing. Like what do they think happened? I’d like for them to explain a situation where that person wasn’t voluntarily there. Like any proof whatsoever. That that person wasn’t voluntarily there. if you look at comedy sketch after comedy sketch after comedy sketch, they are there, recording in different costumes and I have all the behind the scenes footage too! So I can literally prove all the conversations that we had, there was nothing except them volunteering to be there. In fact I have footage of that person asking to continue recording a video even though I had stopped recording with them, because I knew I could play the character better than they could in that scene. And they were like “no no no I wanna continue”. It’s one thing to have something in writing, but to have someones voice and face on film saying they want to be on video? You lost.