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This website is an archive of relevant and not so relevant screenshots and video clips related to Onision drama.

The main reason for this site is to show everyone just how much Onision contradicts himself and tries to deceive everyone. To show his obnoxiousness, egotism, hypocrisies and bigotry. For those who believe Onision is not that bad, if they see all of the crap he has pulled over the years all concentrated in one place, maybe just maybe they will finally wake up from their delusion.

Another reason for this site is so people can get the facts straight when they are talking about Onision because he loves it when people say something wrong about him so he can publicly correct them.

Everything on this website is self-hosted so you wont have to worry about being directed to an outside source with broken links such as deleted posts, removed videos or someone’s deleted social media.



No full videos made by Onision unless they are very short or his entire video contains enough relevant material or if they are one of his deleted videos.

No videos made by others stating their opinions because you can find plenty of that on YouTube, unless that person is directly involved in the drama.



It’s a good source for people needing material for videos but don’t have the time to sift through layers upon layers of Onision’s bullshit aka his videos, tweets, Facebook statuses, emails and comments to find what they need.

It’s a good source for people needing material if they plan on debating Onision.

It’s a good source for people needing material to prove Onision wrong about something.

It’s a good source for people to learn more about everything related to Onision.

To download images or video clips, right click on them, save image as or save video as.



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Watch for LINKS WITHIN POSTS. Some posts may have links that direct you to another post related to the original post. These links show hypocrisies, contradictions, misrepresentations, deceptions and sometimes outright lies.

When viewing a post, it may have more than 1 screenshot. Look for 2 arrows on the left and right side of page. Click on either one of them to see another screenshot from that same post.

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